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Wie helpt? Na mislukte upgrade naar 1.4 wil ik terug naar 1.3 maar hoe?

Thank you very much to MisterB for a very nice donation to help keep alive.

Its OK now may be the server

why I cannot reoly to a post

yes Anne

HI, Can someone please tell me if the KN7000 files will play and sound normal on the KN2400? thanks Anne Wink


Thank you very much to Richard Erlanger for a very nice donation to help keep alive.

Help please with version 1.4 Thanks

I am a new member. Greetings for all members. Wink Wink Smile



Kenneth Gundersen

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#1 | gordonwralph on December 07 2005 - 01:49:50

Does anyone know how to lock the mic reverb time at say 40 for all applications?

I have saved this setting in custom but as soon as I load from Sd card it always reverts to 80.

Is there a solution or is this the weakest link?

I know I can press custom panel which then sets the mic back to 40, but I then lose my SD loaded settings.

#2 | rplatten on December 08 2005 - 04:44:53
Tried to make a donation today but the Paypal site would NOT work. Ron Platten 12-7-2005
#3 | Richard Holdaway on January 18 2006 - 09:20:42
Hi Kenneth I cant find the site to make a donation
I haven't gotten fully to grips with your site yet but would like to help keeping it going as it is very informative to this permanent learner
I will in due course put a photo and full profile up plus some of my playing Bye Richard
#4 | Kenneth on March 17 2006 - 11:01:48
To make a donation use the "PayPal - panel" in right side.
#5 | jfmcircuits on August 13 2008 - 02:28:49
Hi ... I'm a new member but long time KN-7000 user. Sometimes you may have to use a few extra steps to retain an entire special setting. Here's what I do, concerning 'reverb' and 'volume' settings for a particular 'rhythm pattern', including instrument[s]: Let's say I want to do BIG BAND and select MILLER BAND. I try to 'mentally' select all of the songs that I would play, and would also sound appropriate, using this particular 'rhythm pattern' and 'store' the setting for each 'variation' in PM A [so you don't have to worry where they are for that particular type of song]. Then I create a folder for BIG BANDS on the SD Card with selected 'files' containing Slow; Medium; Fast, etc., that would accommodate the songs that I would play in that particular category. I usually use PMA 1-4 for certain setups and PMA 5-8 for further variations of those in PMA 1-4 for an extended full Big Band effect. I have numerous variations stored on my SD Card, as indicated, for just about every type of song style. For instance, when I'm asked to play something in a Latin flavor, any tempo, I just pick the LATIN FOLDER and select the appropriate 'file' that would load the entire modified 'song' styling in PMA 1-4 and 5-8. You won't have to worry about pushing any buttons except the 8 PANEL MEMORY buttons during your performance. By the way: I purchased a CD quite a while ago that has approximately 6,000 rhythm styles on it [from many other keyboard manufacturers] that can be 'converted' [with the converter floppy] and loaded into the KN-6000 to KN-7000! They have some real nice patterns. If interested let me know: John at .Cool

Please take this information to the Discussion Forum (click here) and then click on [New Thread] button in about upper right corner. /Kenneth

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