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Its OK now may be the server

why I cannot reoly to a post

yes Anne

HI, Can someone please tell me if the KN7000 files will play and sound normal on the KN2400? thanks Anne Wink


Thank you very much to Richard Erlanger for a very nice donation to help keep alive.

Help please with version 1.4 Thanks

I am a new member. Greetings for all members. Wink Wink Smile

Several kn7000's auctioned on in the last few weeks!! 720 - 870. Smile

Yes the shoutbox is a bit limited in length of content. Use the forum for longer messages/threads Smile



Kenneth Gundersen

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In this webpage you find Links, Articles, Pictures, Discussion Forum, and much more about the Technics SX-KN7000 keyboard.

I hope you enjoy your stay here at, and feel free to contact me at any time if you have any questions or just want to chat.

Keyboard styles here -->

Get Kenneth's new CD here -->


It's no longer possible to register automatically. To be a member of this site you have to send an email to kengun[at]gmail[dot]com telling what site you want to register on, a username and a temporary password you want to use. You can change the password later. Thanks.

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SoftwareDear users from KN 7000, I need some software for write lyrics with chords, but I must see It also on my Display on KN7000. Can somebody help me, please with name, or links? You can contact me on my private email. THX 7000x. petpet
· petpet on March 25 2012 - 21:07:42 · 1 Comment · 1759 Reads · Print
Donation from Stanley Croff
DonationsThank you very much to Stanley Croff for a very nice donation to help me keep KN7000.Net alive. Stanley is now also a VIP-member.
· Kenneth on January 29 2012 - 04:08:47
0 Comments · 1555 Reads · Print
Donation from Anthony Harrigan
DonationsThank you very much to Anthony Harrigan for a very nice donation to help me keep KN7000.Net alive.
· Kenneth on November 30 2011 - 20:45:19 · Print
Donation received
DonationsThank you very much to David Jones for a nice donation to help me keep KN7000.Net alive.
· Kenneth on March 19 2011 - 11:58:08
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Moving serverpark
NewsMoving serverpark - Saturday 23/10-2010 at 07:00 PM

Saturday 23/10-2010 at 07:00 PM we will move our serverpark from our own datacenter in Nakskov to GlobalConnects new datacenter in Odense. We expect to be online again the night between saturday and sunday at 03:00 AM.

Optimal operational conditions

By moving our serverpark we achive optimal operational conditions in one Denmarks best traffic-centers. We will achive true geographic redundance and the free choice of internet traffic providers.

We are sorry for the inconvenience this might cause.
· Kenneth on October 19 2010 - 22:33:12
0 Comments · 2785 Reads · Print
Florida USA Keyboard Convention 2010
NewsThe Sixth Annual Florida Keyboard Jam will be held March 23, 24 and 25, 2010, at the VFW Outpost hall, 1750 Arcadia St in Holiday, Florida, located at the end of Bartelt Street. Going north on Hwy 19, turn right on Bartelt St. Going south on Hwy 19, turn left at Mile Stretch and go to the 4-way stop, then right about 3 blocks.

Although begun initially to support Technics Keyboards, the Jam is open to all keyboard players and enthusiasts who want to share ideas and music. There will be some technical advice, hints and tricks, and all are invited to play.

The theme this year will emphasize JAM -- more people performing more keyboard music. Some people are interested in the mechanics and technical capabilities of the Technics KN7000; others are more interested in just playing. Other keyboards are welcome at the conference. You don't have to be a professional to perform. Anyone who can play at any level will be appreciated.

Between the forum and these conferences, many friendships have formed and developed over the years. One afternoon we hope to have a local dealer display a new keyboard with a demonstration.

The cost is $20.00 per person for all 3 days. That will cover the room rental and snacks. There are 10 motels nearby, and we will send you the list upon request.

If you would like to attend, please email RonPlatten at . Please let us know ASAP so that the reservation can be finalized with the VFW.
Make checks payable to Ron Platten and send them to him at 6541 Wintergreen Lane, Port Richey, FL 34668.

We have been busy working on the schedule, but we are still open to suggestions. Let us know what you would like at the Jam. Send us an email by going to our website: and click on the Webmaster link.

We hope to see you there!
The Planning Team
· rplatten on March 14 2010 - 14:28:34
0 Comments · 2489 Reads · Print
Site will be down some hours from sunday to monday
NewsThe webhost for this website are going to connect to new fibercable this weekend. This work will start on sunday 7'th march evening to monday 8'th march morning and this website will be down during this operation.
· Kenneth on March 02 2010 - 12:56:30
0 Comments · 2452 Reads · Print
Another donation from Ron Smith
DonationsToday I received another great donation from Ron Smith to keep KN7000.Net alive. Ron has also sent donations before, and he is ofcourse a KN7000.Net VIP-Member. Thanks a lot Ron!
· Kenneth on October 23 2009 - 21:33:17
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Donation from Tony
DonationsThanks a lot to Tony (golly) for a nice donation to keep KN7000.Net alive. Donations helps me to pay for the site hosting.
· Kenneth on August 19 2009 - 07:16:05
0 Comments · 2634 Reads · Print
Donation from Chris Woodward
DonationsThanks a lot to Chris Woodward for a nice donation to keep KN7000.Net alive. Donations helps me to pay for the site hosting.
· Kenneth on August 13 2009 - 13:38:18
0 Comments · 2707 Reads · Print
Two songs from Philip Newell
DownloadsPhil have sent me to amazing songs, "Open your Eyes" and "Paradise Found". You can download them from the Downloads. You can go direct to Phil's Download folder HERE (link here). Thanks a lot for sharing, Phil.
· Kenneth on May 25 2009 - 23:44:39
0 Comments · 3058 Reads · Print
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